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Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy

It is often what we are eating that is making us unwell.  It doesn't matter how hard we work at maintaining a healthy balance in our lives, if we're eating lots of the wrong food then we're not giving our bodies a fair chance.

There are the usual suspects - bad fats, too much salt, too much sugar - but we're all different and we can live in blissful ignorance of an intolerance to certain food, being unaware that it may be causing us physical, and even emotional, symptoms.

By analysing our food intake, in conjunction with medical history and any symptoms that are troubling us, it is possible to work out what to eat more of, and what to reduce or eliminate from our diet.


Be prepared to be asked a wide range of questions on every aspect of your health and your emotions.  It's important to get to the heart of what makes you you in order to find the right remedy.

review progress.

Treatments for adults cost £70 for the initial consultation, then £50 for follow-ups.  Treatments for children cost £60 for the initial consultation and £40 for follow-ups.

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