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About Reflexology

Reflexology is a profoundly relaxing therapy.  It works on many levels, on one level it is a soft tissue massage, on another it is stimulating the nerve endings of your feet, and thereby improving circulation and lymph drainage.  At its deepest level is the fact that the different areas of the body are mapped onto the feet, so by massaging particular pressure points ('reflexes'), change can be brought about in the corresponding area of the body. 

Reflexology can help with anything from aches and pains to insomnia.  It encourages your body's own healing processes and can help with digestive, respiratory or circulatory disturbances, or it can just help you feel soothed at a stressful time.



All you have to do is lie back in the reflexology chair and relax.  I'll need to start the first treatment with some questions about your medical history, so the treatment will last about an hour and a half.  Subsequent treatments will last about an hour.

Treatments can be at my home, or if you prefer I can bring my chair to you, though depending on where you live there'll be a little extra cost.

The number and frequency of treatments really depends on what it is you'd like help with.  Sometimes you might want a treatment as you just need to pamper yourself.

A one hour treatment at my home in Hook Norton costs £40.

If you'd like to give a friend or relative a treat then why not buy a treatment as a gift, vouchers are available.

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