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Why choose homeopathy?

I can tell you why I chose homeopathy…

I’ve never been a big fan of pain killers and antibiotics. For me there’s always been a side effect and I got to the stage where I’d rather avoid them altogether if at all possible. So when my daughters started at nursery and brought home all manner of horrid bugs, I wasn’t happy at the many times we had to visit the doctor, and the number of times they were prescribed antibiotics. We went from ear infection to ear infection. One of us would get ill, then by the time it had done its rounds for the 4 of us, we’d be on to the next bug.

I find reflexology particularly helpful for mine and my husband’s ailments, but I found it difficult to give my daughters reflexology. A friend suggested a herbalist. I liked the idea of a natural approach and had some success with drops that I gave the girls, plus I had some useful advice on nutrition. The only difficulty I had was in feeding them the alcohol-based solution – it tasted horrible and it was hard to disguise.

It was my daughter’s verrucae that prompted me to try homeopathy, again on a recommendation. She had 3 quite large verrucae that were painful to walk on and prevented her from being able to take part in games. It took a few sessions before we found the remedy that did the trick. There are standard remedies for warts and verrucae (thuja being the most popular) but this didn’t work for us. It was only when, through questioning, I realised that the problem had started just after we moved house that I saw there could be a link. The remedy that worked is one that’s useful in dealing with emotional trauma, which must have been my daughter’s experience of moving house. A verruca is caused by the human papillomavirus, but we don’t all pick up the virus. My daughters were sharing bath water the whole time one had verrucae and her sister didn’t get the virus. It’s my belief that viruses like this are freely available everywhere most of the time, it’s a question of how well your own defences are working as to whether or not you pick it up. Moving house upset my daughter on some level, and this weakened her immunity, and this was the result.

From the first moment I was hooked. Homeopathy doesn’t just treat the physical symptoms, it’s about looking for root causes. It’s about understanding the disease process. In health we are completely in balance. A physical symptom, particularly in chronic conditions, is the manifestation of some kind of an imbalance. If you treat the physical symptom by masking it with things that take away pain, but leave the root cause there, you may think you’re better, but you’re likely to get some other symptoms. Find the remedy that corresponds to the underlying imbalance and you can achieve a better level of health.

It’s not all about deep emotional issues, sometimes it’s just about dealing with something that happens. If you bang your head against a lamp post you take arnica. Arnica is a lot of people’s route into homeopathy because the results are clear, it stimulates your body’s healing processes to fix the bruise more quickly. If you cut yourself you take hypericum or calendula, depending on the type of the cut, and you’ll find the wound heals quickly.

I now use homeopathy as a first resort for everything, I even give remedies to the cat. I do this for one simple reason – find the right remedy and it works a treat!

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