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Somebody recently suggested we should all have a vision for the change we want to make in the world. It sounds ambitious – what difference can I make? But it really made me think. I realise I do have a vision.

My vision is that more people recognise the link between mind, body and spirit, and that through recognising this link they unleash more of their potential.

The trouble is that when you talk about spirit, a lot of people turn away, thinking that you’re going to start talking about weird stuff that makes them feel uncomfortable. Maybe a better word to start with is ‘energy’. Energy is in everything, it is everywhere all around us, but we can’t see it and we only have limited ways of measuring it.

The physicists tell us that what we perceive to be solid is actually not solid at all, and that our bodies are made up of mostly of empty space – 99.9999999% empty space, to be exact. We perceive things to be solid because of the movement within each atom – think of a fan that’s rotating, you couldn’t put a finger between the blades because of the energy that keeps it in constant movement, but if that movement were ever to stop, you’d see that there is space in between the blades.

That suggests to me that it’s not what we perceive to be the physical body that’s important, but the constant movement, the energy, and if we can affect that energy, we can affect the body.

An arthritic nodule seems solid, for example, but it is the repeated pattern of things around it that make it seem so. If we could change the mind or the interaction with spirit, or both, sufficiently, then we should be able to change the physical manifestation.

If you are religious, or otherwise spiritual, then you probably get the link between spirit and body.

Alternatively, you might have put together a link between the mind and body. Most people recognise the link between stress and illness – ie that stress either causes or exacerbates illness. I see a lot of illness that emanates from anger or from fear, and the trouble is that the more ill a person gets the more they might feel angry, or the more they might be afraid for the future.

I believe that it’s only when you give attention to the three together – mind, body and spirit – that you can overcome the worst of life’s hurdles.

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