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Why should I try homeopathy?

People come to homeopathy for a variety of reasons. Some people want to achieve a higher level of ‘wellness’, others are seeking an alternative to long term use of prescription or over the counter drugs, and the side effects they can cause.

What can homeopathy be used for?

The short answer is – anything. There’s nothing that’s excluded from the reach of homeopathy, because it treats the whole person, covering all imbalances or issues. The extent to which a difference will be noticed will depend on how advanced or deep-rooted the disease is and how much energy or ‘vital force’ there is to work with. It can also depend on how much the patient feels able to relax and open up during the consultation.

Examples of illnesses that I’ve seen respond well to homeopathy are: recurrent infections, skin conditions, anxiety, digestive disorders, menstrual issues. Finding the right remedy is key, but once found the results can be remarkable.

What’s involved in a homeopathic consultation?

You need to set aside at least an hour and a half for the initial consultation. This is because there’s a lot of information needed in order to find the right remedy. As well as describing your medical history, be prepared to be asked things like ‘what makes you angry’, ‘what do you worry about’ and so on. Because it is a holistic therapy, the homeopath needs to be able to get an accurate picture of what it is to be you. We all respond to the stresses and strains of life in different ways, understanding your response and your emotions is necessary to find you a prescription for you.

Complementary medicine or alternative medicine?

Using homeopathy as complementary medicine means you use it alongside your usual visits to the doctor. Using it as an alternative medicine means you always use homeopathy for any health condition. In reality, though, you wouldn’t use homeopathy for a broken leg, though it could help speed up the recovery after you leave hospital, so it’s true to say we all use it as complementary to conventional medicine.

You can definitely use homeopathy in conjunction with other treatments, sometimes the value homeopathy can bring is to help you with side effects of strong drugs. A homeopath isn’t going to advise you to do without any medication that’s been prescribed for you – that’s between you and your doctor.

If you invest time and money in homeopathy then you’d be looking for an improvement in your health, and maybe less of a need to visit your doctor in the future.

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